Our law firm handles a wide variety of tort litigation for carriers and their insureds.

Our firm works on behalf of insurance carriers in a complete range of tort matters including those relating to:

  • Vehicle accidents — For car and truck crashes throughout Tennessee, we conduct a thorough review of all available evidence in order to fairly evaluate the claims and allegations.
  • Premises liability claims —  Our firm has experience in evaluation of liability and effecting to make the best determination of responsibility under Tennessee’s modified comparative fault standard.

In these types of claims and others, we have the background and professional support to make a prompt and reasonable assessment of a case’s value.

We can prepare authoritative coverage opinion letters

If a dispute arises as to whether an insurance policy covers a specific incident, our attorneys provide a clear, detailed analysis. The firm’s coverage opinion letters are well supported and reflect a thorough understanding of relevant policy terms. We have experience with a variety policies and responses to specific allegations such as bad faith. With more than 30 years of coverage practice, our firm understands the importance of delivering coverage opinions in a timely manner.